The grassy beach of Punta D'Oro is provided with showers and it offers you free lake access by slipways and stairs. The littoral zone slopes gently which makes it easy for children. In June the water level begins to sink and a pebble shore is generated.

Exploring the lake

With the ferry you can take a tour to explore the whole lake or just to discover Monte Isola, for informations Navigazione Lago D'Iseo.

You have also the possibility to hire a motorboat (Global Nautic). Motorboats below 41 hp need no driving license. 


  • Monte Isola:
    up to Madonna della Ceriola (600 m total rise, ca. 90 min).
  • Waterfall trail in Franciacorta:
    two trails, the more difficult one is not acceptable for younger children because of a vertical ladder of 12 m length.
  • Pyramids in Zone:
    stone formations up to 30 m originated by erosion, trail ca. 1 h.
  • Corna Trantapassi:
    a wonderful view on the lake of Iseo and the mountains of the Camonica valley, two trails 2 - 3 h.
  • Punta Almana:
    Tour A for beginners 1 h, Tour B only for mountain climbers 2 h.
  • Antica Strada Valeriana:
    a 20 km long hiking track on the east costal hills of Lake Iseo which offers you beautiful Mediterranean scenery with vines, olive trees and ancient villages.
  • Le Torbiere:
    a 360-hectare natural reserve to the south of Iseo (20 minutes' walk from Punta D'Oro), a turf moor areal which offers you a picturesque scenery to walk through. Walking trail ca. 1 h. Dogs are not allowed.


Free climbing: Iseo grotto Bus del Quai, Marone: Madonna della rota (600 m), Predore (all-season) Palestra di Roccia, Belvedere e Spolverine, Rogno all-season. Practical guide "Arrampicate sportive e moderne fra Bergamo e Brescia" by Alessandro Ruggeri.

Adventurepark Adventureland (Borno, 60 min by car) for acrobatic climbing trails between trees for adults and children from 110 cm height and baby climbing parcour.


There is a variety of interesting bicycle tours in the hinterland of Iseo: The nature reserve Torbiere, Monte Isola, Inside the Franciacorta, In the mountains, From Marone to the pyramids of Zone e Mountainbike.